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Join Full Mental Jacket the Australian Eve Corp

We are currently recruiting...

We are looking for Eve Pilots with the following:

  • Desire to have fun and develop friendships within Eve Online
  • Timezone: Australians & New Zealanders
    (06:00 - 14:00 EVE Time)
  • Age: Over 30 days (no trial accounts)
  • Skills: Can fly and Fit a Battlecruiser
  • Experience: Attitude is more important to us than experience, but experienced players will find plenty to challenge them and newer players will find plently of help...

To participate in the following activities:

  • Small gang PVP in WH Space (small fleet fights)
  • Some WH Defense Fleets (Bigger Fleets)

You will also have access to:

  • WH Anomolies
  • WH Planetary Interaction (Highest Yield Planets) with 0% Export Tax
  • HiSec Logistics Support
  • Research & Invention Facilities

If you are interested in please Fill in this form: Membership Application Form