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What is Full Mental Jacket?

Full Mental Jacket is a Clan originally based in Melbourne, Australia. We were established in 1991 and will always be around. We play different games of the day, but our purpose remains to enjoy our online games with others of a similar nature.

We build freindships among our members and promote playing fairly and having fun.

The 10 Commandments

Our members all follow these 10 commandments.

  1. You respect other players online and are properly behaved according to the general rules of the server.
  2. You take your online gaming seriously.
  3. You do not take yourself too seriously.
  4. You like having fun above winning - We can't promise we will win everything, but we are pretty sure we always have fun.
  5. You can play as a team player, even if that means you do not obtain the highest personal score possible.
  6. You have read the History of the Clan and accept who we are and what we are about.
  7. You play online with the same nickname always so you develop respect among the other players.
  8. You can handle criticism and are open to learn new things.
  9. You must not Cheat or use any mod or hack that provides an unfair advantage to yourself by altering the physics or graphics of the game (skin packs & sound mods are ok).
  10. What goes on in the Clan stays in the Clan. We have had members in the past that have flamed external forums with clan issues.