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History of Full Mental Jacket [FmJ] - Established 1991

The founding members of this Clan (Jammer, Conan & Gumma) began playing LAN based multiplayer games in 1991 with Falcon 3.0, an F16 multiplayer flight & combat sim, where we would play all night (yes all night) trying to complete one campaign, only to be pissed off with game crashes.

We devised all sorts of workarounds and invested heaps in upgrades & patches in the days of 2400 baud Compuserve at $14.00 per hour...... We never actually did get to finish a campaign................

Falcon 4.0 was due out in 1994.... and to pass the time we started on a new LAN game called Doom. Our first thoughts were "How do I use my Throttle and Joystick with this?" Our very next thought was "After all the problems we had with Falcon 3.0 - How can a game come out of nowhere and be so SHIT HOT! with so few problems?"

We played Doom, Doom2, Duke Nukem.

Then the Internet came along and in 1998 we created our first web site (First Web Site - which has lost pages since then) and with it the TRUE online gaming experience of Quake & Quake 2, Team Fortress, and countless other Quake & Quake 2 add-ons since, meeting regularly to play.

We played Action Quake on the 'new' service called Wireplay and then when Broadband cable connections became available we started going nuts and recruiting people for REAL Clan Wars...

By September 2000 we were playing Counterstrike and created our second web site ([FmJ] Website Version 2) to help manage our wars and keep the clan informed.

We had a great time for a couple of years playing Counterstrike, but with the number of Hacks & Cheats out there, we soon lost interest as the number of cheats out there seemed to outnumber the number of real players for a while there.

From Counter Strike the Clan moved to Day of Defeat for a while, which was a nice change because you could respawn within the round as apposed to CS having to wait till the end of the round (something that got too hard to do with cheaters pulling off impossible but totally skill-less kills all the time).